Counter Schedule

  • January/February 2023

    Sunday, January 8th: Sarah Billing & Marti Sorenson

    Sunday, January 15th: Rick Pokrzywinski & Deb Kellogg

    Sunday, January 22nd: Linda Knudtson & Lois Signalness

    Sunday, January 29th: Pat & Sally Golberg and Sarah Billing

    Sunday, February 5th: Marti Sorenson & Deb Kellogg

    Sunday, February 12th: Rick Pokrzywinski & Lois Signalness

    Sunday, February 19th: Marti Sorenson & Sarah Billing

    Sunday, February 26th: Nadine Lyon and Pat & Sally Golberg

  • March 2023

    Sunday, March 5th: Deb Kellogg & Linda Knudtson

    Sunday, March 12th: Rick Pokrzywinski & Sarah Billing

    Sunday, March 19th: Lois Signalness & Marti Sorenson

    Sunday, March 26th: Pat & Sally Golberg & Sarah Billing

  • April 2023

    Palm Sunday, April 2nd: Deb Kellogg & Rick Pokrzywinski

    Easter Sunday, April 9th: Pat & Sally Golberg & Linda Knudtson

    Sunday, April 16th: Marti Sorenson & Sarah Billing

    Sunday, April 23rd: Nadine Lyon & Lois Signalness

    Sunday, April 30th: Rick Pokrzywinski & Pat & Sally Golberg

  • Want to help count after Mass on Sundays?

    If you are interested in becoming a counter, please contact Business Manager Sara Millet at either 701-842-3505 or!