New Parishioners & Visitors Info

  • Whether you're new in town or trying a new church, you are welcome here!

    First Time Visitors

    We know it's not always easy visiting a new church for the first time. Coming to Epiphany Catholic Church or Our Lady of Consolation, many questions may go through your mind: "What should I expect? What kind of music do they use at Mass? Am I welcome if I don't know what I believe? Do I have to give?"

    We want your visit to Epiphany to be a rewarding and comfortable experience, so let us take some of these questions and provide some answers that may help!

    Arrival for Mass / Mass

    You can take a seat anywhere you would like in the sanctuary! We are respectfully quiet until Mass begins, often kneeling to pray when we get to our seat. On Sundays, we say the rosary starting at 10:15 AM at Epiphany if you would like to join us!
    If you are planning to attend Epiphany for the first time, you are welcome to try any of our Masses. Our Masses are celebrated in english. To follow along with the Mass, turn to the first pages in the Breaking Bread book in the pew. The daily readings can be found in the softcover smaller booklets (Word Among Us). Songs can be found in the larger book.
    Our 10:45 AM Sunday Mass is our main Mass of the weekend. It includes traditional music. You can catch an early morning Sunday Mass at 8:30 AM in Alexander at Our Lady of Consolation if you'd prefer!
    Our 4:00 PM Saturday Mass is our weekend vigil Mass. There is little to no music at this Mass and is generally shorter than the Sunday morning Mass.

    Additionally, we offer daily Masses during the week on each day except Monday. The Mass times are listed in the bulletin or on the website.
    Fridays from 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM we have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Wednesdays, there is an hour of Adoration after the 12:10 PM Mass (with rosary). On the first Thursday of the month, we have Adoration for the Sick from 6 to 7 PM (with rosary). In the silence God speaks. Come and pray! If you want more information or have questions, please ask Father Brian or contact our Adoration Coordinator Stephanie Ray at 813-415-8486.

  • Additional Resources

    Fr. Brian Gross | 701-842-3505

  • Offering

    An offering is made at weekend services in support of the church maintenance, programs, and services. While it is part of our service, please remember that you are our guests. You need not give anything at this time unless you would like to.


    If you are not a memeber of the Catholic Church yet, you are invited to go forward in the communion line to receive a blessing. To do this, follow the line to the front of the church with the other parishioners, cross your arms on your chest when you get to the priest, and he will know you are not receiving communion but getting a blessing instead. Or you can choose to remain seated in the pew.

    After Mass

    After weekend Masses, the priest will wait in the church entry to greet members of the congregation, including newcomers. Please take a moment to introduce yourselves. Sometimes we will have coffee and refreshments in the adjacent parish hall after Mass. Please stop in and enjoy meeting a few of our parishioners. And don't forget to take home a parish bulletin! This will give you a handy list of upcoming events, and any contact numbers you might need!